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Harvest Prayers Points


Our VISION is To be the leading Diocese in the Church of Nigeria in preparing the Nation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.



SUNDAY –   1ST MAY, 2016


READINGS: EZEKIEL 38:8-13; PSALM 68:14-20; 1 CORINTHIANS 3:1-11; JOHN 16:23-33.



Season & Liturgicals




Collects for the Week: 

Eternal Father, Your Kingdom extends beyond space and time; grant that in this world of changing things we may hold fast to what endures forever, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.





The Rt. Rev'd Dr. & Mrs. James O. Odedeji

The Lord Bishop of Lagos West.

The Ven. & Mrs. Abel Ajibodu

The Dean of Cathedral

You are welcome to Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral an epitome of Anglicanism in Nigeria and indeed African.  

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You are welcome to the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, an epitome of Anglicanism in Nigeria and indeed Africa. - See more at: NEWThe Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral (AVMCC) was marked with a three-weeks action packed programme designed to reflect the theme of the anniversary, ‘His Abundant Grace'. The activities ran from February 17 to March 9, 2014.....Read more>>



This year 2016, the LORD God is my Shepherd therefore: 
I will not lack any good things and no good things will be withheld from my family and I in the name of Jesus Christ. 

I shall be led to my greener pasture and still water where I will drink and find satisfaction and solace for my soul and my family in good health with all round breakthrough throughout the year. Wilderness and desert in the course of the year shall spring forth water for my fruitfulness and harvest at every season of the year in the name of Jesus Christ. 
All that I have lost in the past years shall be restored with total recovery in the name of Jesus Christ. 

 The Lord will lead me in the path of righteousness and holiness to keep me and my family always in fellowship with Him so that the name of Lord will not be drag into mud but being praised wherever I go and I will be for sign and wonders all the days of my life in the name of Jesus Christ. 

 I will fear no evil even though I walk in the shadow of death in the name of Jesus Christ. When I walk through fire, I will not be burnt, through waters and rivers of life, I shall not be drawn (Isaiah 43:1-3). He will keep all my bones so that not single one will be broken (Psalm 34:19-20) nor the smell of the fire on my hair in the name of Jesus Christ. My adversaries and mockers will gather to see the man and his family upon whom the fiery furnace has no power (Daniel 3:25, 27) despite their evil plots and enchantment and then they will respect MY God as the only true God and they will come to bow before me because the Son of God shall appear in all my battle and shall stand by me and my family because I have become a testimony (Daniel 3:28, 29) in the name Jesus Christ. 

The Word of God will always bring comfort and faith to me to guide my foot steps in the path of life so that I will not stumble and fumble (Psalm 119:11,105) in the name of Jesus Christ. 

 The Lord shall set my table with all goodies of life right in the very eyes of my enemies and they shall be incapacitated and they shall look like morons with saliva in their mouths in the name of Jesus Christ. And I will soar like eagles everyday of the year 2016 and God will use them to announce my testimonies in the name of Jesus Christ. 

 I shall be anointed with fresh oil to overflowing for empowerment, acceleration, exploit and the presence of God. My horn shall be lifted like the horn of the unicorn (Psalm 92:10) in my chosen careers and vocations in the name of Jesus Christ. 

It is evident according to the Word of God that only goodness and mercy are permitted to accompany me and my family throughout the year and beyond in the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore bad luck, shame and disappointment are not for me and my family this year 2016 in the name of Jesus Christ. I shall be surrounded with favour as a shield in the name of Jesus Christ (Psalm 5:12) 

 I receive grace with my family to love to dwell in God s presence and His house (Psalm 122:1-2) for continual servicing of my spiritual life so that I will not be grounded but up 247 throughout the year and beyond in Jesus name. 

God bless you. Happy Prosperous New Year in Jesus name. 

+Olusola, Lagos West 
Your friend and Bishop